Our FR AS base layers are made with the unique PROTAL blend


Fire requires three elements; heat, fuel and oxygen. Remove any one of these factors and the fire is effectively extinguished. When a flame comes into contact with PROTAL’s unique intimate blends, tiny amounts of inert, non-burning gases push the oxygen away from the surface to stop the burning process. As soon as the flaming stops and the source is removed, gas production stops and a charred barrier remains – no melting, no dripping and no material sticking to the skin. The charring action and protected integrity of the fabric gives the wearer valuable time to react appropriately, whilst being fully protected.

These innovative fabrics made with PROTAL doesn’t just offer different levels of protection against hazards like flame, arcing and metal splash: thanks to ground-breaking technology, it also does the equally tough job of remaining comfortable and cooler thanks to breathable properties previously impossible in this type of protective clothing. 

BRUBECK produces the most breathable and lightest seamless base layers on the market. 
High-performance flame resistant fibres are intimately blended with long-staple combed cotton without any chemical treatment and give the garment its unparalleled soft, natural touch and appearance.  BRUBECK fabrics are flexible, strong and extremely durable, yet lightweigh and have highly effective moisture management properties. Thanks to the modern fibres and the knitting technology, our protective clothing guarantees freshness and controls unpleasant body odour even at intensive performance. PROTECT should be the choice of any company serious about protecting their workforce and ensuring all-day comfort all year-round.

The FR AS products from BRUBECK PROTECT are classified as personal protective equipment in accordance with the provisions of Council Directive 89/686/EWG. These products are also tested according to ENISO11612:2015 A1, B1, C1 and EN1149-5:2018.